Recalculate part quantities in multi-part MLCad parts lists according the actual number of times submodels are used.

Load MLCad parts list (*.txt):
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Once tallied, your results can be exported to PDF, CSV or a BrickLink Wanted List/Brick Owl Wishlist (via a Brickstore file).

Update (Jul 30, 2018): Bug Fix - Now correctly identifies "grey" and "gray" following an update to colour config file in LDraw.

Update (Jan 02, 2017): Improvements to data display (e.g., colour swatch shown next to colour name), PDF export, and a few other things.

Update (Dec, 2016): MPD-Tally now automatically works with parts lists in all MLCad language options (currently: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian).

I am indebted to Martin Long and Peter Corish for their sterling work that preceded and inspired this app.

MLCad software is copyright to Michael Lachmann, and LDraw™ is a trademark owned and licensed by the Estate of James Jessiman; neither of whom sponsor, authorise or endorse this application.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this application.
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Why This App Exists:

MLCad, a part of the LDraw System Of Tools available at, is a powerful application for designing LEGO® models, especially its facility for creating multi-part documents.

However, there is currently a small flaw in this feature when it comes to tallying up the part quantities when saving a parts list. Even when the "Submodels" option is explicitly set, it does not take account of the number of times a submodel is actually used, making the part quantities inaccurate.

MPD-Tally fixes that by processing a parts list and calculating the correct quantities. It then presents the results in some lovely neat tables which you can print or save/export for later use.

Pointlessly Detailed Instructions

  1. In MLCad, generate the parts list for your model and save the text file (*.txt).
    • Note: tick the "Submodels" option for multi-part document (*.mpd) models.
  2. In MPD-Tally, on the "Upload" screen, press "Browse…" and find your parts list.
    • Upload lists generated from regular as well as multi-part MLCad documents.
    • Upload lists in any of the default MLCad languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian).
  3. Press "Tally Parts!"
  4. Your parts list will be processed, tallied and displayed in neat tables:
    • Summary (information about your model).
    • Parts by Submodel.
    • Parts by Part Name/Description.
    • Parts by Colour.
  5. Print the page(s) or export as PDF, CSV, BrickLink Wanted List (XML) or Bricktore (.bsx) files (compatible with Brick Owl wishlists).
  6. Find the parts you have in your collection.
  7. Buy the parts you don't have, or have but don't want to open a MISB for.
  8. Go to a hobby shop, look at the ludicrous cost of other hobbies, and feel better about the money you just spent in comparison.
  9. Build your model.
  10. Bask in the glow of other's admiration.


Can not show summary of parts list.

Parts by Submodel

Can not show parts list by submodel.

Parts by Part Name/Description

Can not show parts list by part name/description.

Parts by Colour

Can not show parts list by colour.

Export Data

Can not show export options.